My Weekly Spreads

Over the last two months of working in my Bullet Journal I’ve used a few different spreads to plan out my days and weeks. I started using weekly spreads, then moved to full page daily spreads, and then settling down to what I’m at now, which is a two page daily spread. These spreads have been completely adjusted to the stage of my life right now and might not work for everyone, but I did want to share. My past spreads won’t be explained in this post, but those will be included in a future post so defiantly watch out for that.

So let’s talk for a minute about what I wanted this page to do. I wanted a place to track my mood (by the hour), a place to note what I’m doing at different points in the day, a to do list, a food log, a workout log, a place to write down a thankful though, my BUJO RPG, and a spot to take notes as needed throughout the day. The spread that I’ve been working through lately has taken a lot to come up with, but it was so worth it and I’m in love with it right now.

So let’s walk through the set up as a whole. I was recently playing on Pintrest, and found a post by Jenna Meyers called “Steal Worthy Bullet Journal Spread Ideas“. In this post she talked about the Dutch Door Bullet Journal Hack, and suggested looking at Alexandria Plan’s Youtube Channel to learn more about it. I went to the channel and found that I loved the layout, and wanted to try it. So, the next week I found myself cutting out the top part of my Bullet Journal.

So what’s in this top part? I decided to put a monthly calendar, and sort of a weekly layout. I like to know where I am in the month as well as have a spot to quickly see what the dates around that week have going on. Most of the time I have a good idea of when I’m doing things such as going to visit my boyfriend, when someone’s coming over, or when family gatherings are so it isn’t hard for me to sort of get an idea of what’s going on the next week simply by looking at this little calendar. I added the “weekly spread’ Monday – Friday because those are always the days that I get mixed up, or need help remembering what’s going on that week. So having these days visible every day that I open my journal is so helpful, and honestly makes it so much easier to keep track of my week.

For the Daily pages I want to go piece by piece because why I have things set up can kind of be confusing. All of these things will have more in depth posts in the near future, so for a more in depth look at all of these things make sure that you subscribe to the blog and watch out for those.

To start off with I want to talk about my mood tracker merged with a “time table”. About a month ago I wanted to find out much more about what I do during the day. To do this I started marking down what I do each half hour in my bullet journal. I recently wanted to merge my mood tracker into this section because I liked to see exactly what I was doing and how that might have effected my mood. I find that this is also much more effective trying to track and figure out how or why my moods are the way they are. This is important to me because I recently began “fighting” my mental illnesses and want to try to get better. Being able to quickly and accurately analyze what might be triggering my depression and anxiety is really helpful for me.

Next I have my To Do list, food log, workout log, and my “memory of the day”. These are all next to my “time table” in my blog, and are really the more tracking and planning part of my spreads.

My to do list isn’t the most used thing, because I always want to do more than there are hours in a day, but it’s a really good planning piece of my day. Here I put everything that I need to do an it acts like any other to do list in anyone else’s planner.

I use a food log to keep myself more accountable for my eating habits, which are totally messed up right now for several reasons. This also has helped me sort of track or help me look at how my anxiety and depression is acting based on the foods that I’m eating, which yes apparently does effect those. This is the same with my workout log. My workout log is also there because I have to write down too many notes about what I’m supposed to be doing or else I don’t do it.

Because of my depression I find it so helpful to write down a happy thought for the day, and I do that in my memory section of my daily spread. Although I’ve taken up journaling I’m not at the point where I’m able to do that everyday and being able to just have that thought on the pages makes me feel so much better.

On the other page of my Daily Spread I split it into thirds, and I leave 2/3 of the page for notes and the last page for my BUJO RPG.

One of the things that I find so much fun in my bullet journal is doing a BUJO RPG, which is sort of like a game and it helps me do things and stay on track. I found this originally on the blog, and I was totally fascinated with it. (Click on here to see the post.) I went to the full guide on and ended up incorporating this into my daily pages. It still needs some work and I need to look over the newest guide, but I really do like this game.

The last big part of my bullet journal is my notes section that I have every day. At the moment I’m dealing with a few health issues and having that notes space has helped me note and remember more that has to do with the random symptoms that I’ve been having.

I also do journal on random pages in my journal, but I don’t have that with my planning sections because I like to separate the two in order to make it more of a reflection space vs a get stuff done space.

Although I have a lot on my daily pages I’ve found that all of this really does benefit me. What do your daily/weekly spreads look like? Let me know in the comments below!

Talk to you soon,

~Amanda Ann

One thought on “My Weekly Spreads

  1. I have been obsessed with my bullet journal. I love how customizable it is. I’m still trying to figure out a weekly spread that works for me, but I think I’m getting closer. I got some good ideas from this post. Thanks for sharing! xx

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