And I Darken By Kiersten White

IMG_3016A while back I was at Target to waste time before the next thing I had to be at. While I was there I bought Three books. The first was Flame in the Mist by , the second was Heartlessby , and the last was And I Darken by Kiersten White. I recently finished And I Darken, so I wanted to talk about it a little bit.

And I Darken follows Radu and Lada from birth into adolesence, in which tie they make friends, enemies, and even find love along the way. Overall the books was great, and I absoluetly loved it even though it took me a while to read.

The book starts off with Lada’s brith, and instantly compares it to her younger brother Radu’s birth. From there the two grow up a little so that they are children, and have one of their first interactions with their father. From there they move to Wallachia’s main castle and begin to find ways to “help” their father, or try to gain his favor. Lada attempts to win her father’s favor through learning how to fight, command armies, and simply attempt to make up for the fact that she isn’t a boy. Radu on the other hand tends to put more time into studying than anything else, and simply wants to survive the torment from his older sister and half brother Mircea.

Untitled designIn their early teens the two go with their father to find sanctuary in The Ottoman Empire. Both Lada and Radu are left by their father in the Ottoman Empire in order to work more on their studies, and overall just become more acceptable in Court. While the two work hard to study they meet new friends, such as Kumal and Nicolae who eventually help aid them on their adventures. Kumal becomes a great spiritual guide for Radu, while Nicolae becomes a great friend for Lada.

After meeting these two Radu and Lada find a crying boy named Mehmed, who turns out the be son of the sultan. With Mehmed as a friend the two find themselves to be more protected within the empire, and they end up following him to another estate in the country. There they begin the adventures once Mehmed finds that his brothers have been killed and he is next in line for the trone. From there the adventure begins.

Overall I really did like this book, and I think that the layered and complex story line was well relayed and well writen. I fell in love with many of the characters and ended up loving each of their stories. Overall the book was on the slow side, so be warned when you’re starting the book that it may take a while to get into. It’s definatly worth it, though, and you should “push through it”. It’s completly worth it.

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