Roar By Cora Carmack

The second book that I picked up this September was Roar (Stormheart)by Cora Carmack, and I feel in love with the book. I was introduced to this book through FairyLoot unboxings because it was the included book one month and I found that I really did want to read it. I went back and forth about buying it for about a month before walking into Barnes and Nobel for the first time in a year and buying both books. (You can see all the books I bought in August in my video August Book Haul.)

roar-by-cora-carmackRoar follows the Stormling princess Aurora as she starts her journey of preparing to take the throne once her mother steps down from power. As customs state Aurora must be married by a specific time, and although it’s normal for Stormlings to marry for love Aurora agrees, or is forced into, an arranged marriage with a Stormling prince (from another kingdom). Her to be husband, Cassius, is the second son of the king of a neighboring kingdom and upon first meeting him Aurora begins to develop a crush. As she begins to trust him Aurora begins to debate telling him the secret that she has sacrificed so much to keep, that she has no Stormling powers. Due to this secret Aurora secluded herself from her people and those of the court, and has spent most of her life simply trying to become the ruler that her mother wants her to be.

Shortly after meeting Cassius Aurora finds out that he may not be what he seems. With help from her long time friend Aurora sets off to follow Cassius to find out what he’s hiding. During this time Aurora finds that she needs to be saved, and meets the storm hunter Locke. This is when Aurora finds out something that she never could have thought about, that people were selling the magic she needs for her Stormling powers on the black market. Finding this out Aurora sets off on a new task, to become a great storm hunter and find a way to take her throne using the skills that she learns. That is where our adventure begins.

The only thing that I regret about reading this book is that the next one won’t be released until May of 2018, and I don’t want to wait that long. This book got a 5/5 from me because I enjoyed watching the main character Aurora become her own and force herself through the challenges that were put in front of her. I also just fell in love with the Stormling world and I can’t wait to read more stories that have to do with this world. (I really hope this series will last for a while, because I’m that in love with this world and there is still so much to explore.)


That’s the end of the spoiler free part of this review, so if you haven’t read the book I would stop here. If you have read the book and you’re on the same hype I am, then keep reading!

The first thing that I want to talk about is Aurora. I absolutely am in love with her, and I feel like she would be a great character for teens and young-er girls to read because she does diverge from the classic princess arch type. She has some flaws and I do question some things, but overall she is a great character.

On her own she is amazing. She’s strong and does what she needs to regardless of what may happen to her. At the beginning of the story we see this in her marriage to Cassius and through listening to her mother without question. She was so willing to accept everything that she needed to do in order to protect and help those that she was going to rule over, and although this sort of was a downfall. She is so willing to do with what she’s told she needs to do that she blindly follows it and ultimately it prevents her from trying to find answers earlier. This drive, though, pushes her in the story to try a way to make the problem go away and overcome her short comings. As you progress in the story and see how Aurora reacts to the storms this drive helps her push through and stay with the hunters, even if they don’t have an answer yet.

IMG_3271.JPGI wish that I could have seen more of Aurora coming to terms with the fact that she doesn’t have this power. I know that if I were to come into something like this there would be a lot of emotions and a lot more of an inner battle while coming to terms with all of this. I honestly don’t really have a reason for wanting to see this, it just was bothering me.

I want to take a second to talk about Aurora’s relationship with Locke. Locke is sort of an interesting character on his own, but the way that he wants to protect Aurora is something that hit close to home for me because of my current relationship. Although boyfriend doesn’t have a history like Locke’s they both want to protect the person they love. I saw so much of my boyfriend in Locke and I highlighted a few lines where I just heard my boyfriend’s voice in my head. I actually ended up talking with him about Locke in this story for a while, and he sort of got the point of view that Locke was coming from. So, in my opinion it’s not that Locke wants to control or prevent Aurora from doing anything he just wants to protect her. Recently I’ve been having more conversations about being able to protect myself and things like that with my boyfriend, so reading about this dynamic in a book really did hit home for me.  I wish that I could have seen more of Aurora’s perspective on this, but since she doesn’t see being out in the wilderness as her future I understand why she isn’t thinking like that.


“It’s better this way. Se is too young to settle down, and the moment she was mine I would want to lock her away in some Stormling city and never let her set foot in the wolds again..”

“Which would make her insane. I’d give it a month before she started an earthquake in the middle of your house.”

“Exactly. I don’t know why you’re laughing. Your girl might not be able to start earthquakes, but she won’t let you keep her out of the action either.”

Locke cringed. “You didn’t see her when that thunderstorm hit. I felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest and dropped in the dirt just watching her. There is nothing worse than seeing her cry, but that… that was a great deal more than crying.” Belatedly, he tacked on, “And she’s not my girl.”

Overall I love the Stormling world. It amazes me that I hadn’t seen a book like this before, or been interested in it. I also really like the religious part of the story where there are people that believe that the storms are the souls of those who have passed on. I think that it’s really cool that people are also able to catch these storm’s hearts and keep them, harnessing the power of the storm itself. In the next book I hope to hear more about what this means spiritually for people. I feel like although this won’t be an issue right way in the courts I hope to see what just common people think about this and how they morally deal with this. In the courts the immediate problem will be finding a way of keeping power while this new information spreads. I can’t wait to go back into this world and find out more and more, and I just want the second book to come out already.


I can’t wait to see how the hunters react when they find out about Aurora’s “past” and who she is. I really want to find out what Locke has to say about it and how that will change their relationship. I also want to see how the people of the court will act when Aurora comes back. I have a feeling that they might try to arrest and punish the hunters for “kidnapping” Aurora, but there are also ways around that such as Aurora going to the castle on her own once they get into the city again.

To me this book was amazing, and it was very well written. I hope that this review has inspired you to pick the book up or get some hype about this book out of your system a little bit.

See you soon,

Amanda Ann

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