Why do I keep paper planning?

In a world of electronics and the internet, why am I still doing the ancient thing of planning on paper? There are so many other resources that don’t use paper, pens, or stickers and are a lot better for the environment overall. It’s so old school, so why do it? Especially when my family needs to know my schedule so they know if I’m dead or not.¬†Well, there are a few reasons that I still use paper and pens for planning.

The first one is that it’s just better for your memory, and remembering what you need to do. I, like many people, have ADD/ADHD and it can be so hard for me to remember things. I learned this lesson very early on in school because once I started typing notes on the school provided laptop I started doing worse on tests in class. The semester after that I started to write all of my notes in a notebook again, and I did a little bit better. (I also started to study more, but that’s irreverent.

The second reason is that I like to be able to physically cross things out because it makes me feel like I’m actually accomplishing things. This also i a great way to track how much I’m doing and if I’m at the start of a depressive episode, which can last days, being able to see how much I’ve done and what I can accomplish really helps me personally to help fight it off for a bit longer if I can.

Going back to my ADD for a minute, it’s very common for those with ADD/ADHD to quickly and constantly overbook themselves with what they can do in a day. For me not being able to do these things does make it more likely for a downside in my depression, so it is so important that I don’t do that. For me planning this out on a sheet of paper where I can leave room ONLY for what I can do helps to prevent this and is overall much better for me.

I also really do like being able to record what is going on for the day really quickly, and keep memories like that. I really do enjoy being able to look back at my memories and I find that it is so much easier to do this on paper instead of electronically.

So, for me there are a few reasons that I really do prefer to plan on paper instead of electronically.

What do you prefer? Electronic or paper? Let me know in the comments below!

See you soon,

~Amanda Ann