Diabolic Lovers Wrap Up


thRecently I have been in the mood for really trashy love/romance anime, so I decided to watch Diabolic Lovers.

I consider this to be such a trashy anime, and it just was so weird.

Honestly half way through it I had to ask myself why I was watching it and what was going on. But, I kept watching it an I found that I sort of enjoyed it. For me I can compare it to the book Twilight pretty easily because it was just sort of that idea of so many guys wanting one girl, but this one had a few differences.

Honestly I give this anime three out of five stars, it was ok, nothing honestly too memorable but still interesting.

Diabolik-Lovers-diabolik-lovers-35749644-711-1000Diabolic Lovers is about a girl named Yui Komori who is sent by her father to live at this mansion. When she gets to the mansion she finds out that the residents of the mansion are six brothers, who are pure blood vampires. Yui is extremely religious and is horrified at the idea of her father sending her to live at this place. Shortly after her arrival she finds her father’s journal, but that isn’t mentioned at any other time in the anime. The overall story of the anime is that Yui has to choose which of the brothers she will marry in the end, and I believe that whoever she chooses will ultimately drink all of her blood and kill her. It’s also found in the first season that Yui has the heart of another vampire (?) and that heart is awakened and she’s taken over by that vampire. Somehow (no idea how) they managed to kill the vampire but don’t kill her?

Overall the story just isn’t that interesting and the only episode is the one where Yui somehow (never explained how) gets a glimpse into the brother’s past and starts to understand how they are the way they are.

I’ll say it was a really entertaining anime, but I just didn’t know what to say about most of it because there were so many plot holes and none of the characters really seemed to go beyond their stereotype. Speaking of the characters, let’s talk about the brothers a little bit.

th (5)The oldest one is Shu, who really isn’t interested in anything and just wants to hang out and listen to his music. There isn’t much beyond him being lazy to be honest. He isn’t very interesting. In the series it is said that he’s lazy because so much pressure was put on him when he was younger because he is the oldest, but really there isn’t much else to him.

th (6)Reiji is the next oldest and he’s really dark and stuck up on rules. He really takes control of the household and I thought that he was the oldest, but he isn’t he just wishes that he was. He really likes tea and books.

th (9)Ayato is the oldest of the triplets. He’s really loud and believes that he’s the best in everything. He tends to be the overall big love interest that continuously saves Yui. He’s very self-absorbed and I honestly thought that he was really really annoying.

th (7)The middle triplet is Kanato, who is sort of the “youngest/Lolita” type who has a really bad anger issue. He carries around a teddy bear and honestly looks really creepy to me. He keeps all of his former brides in what’s sort of like a basement and they’re sort of preserved as mannequins, which really creeped me out.

th (8)Laito is the youngest triplet, and he is the the “pretty boy” of the group. He’s really perverted and mean to Yui, but for some reason he is honestly my favorite and I actually ended up watching play troughs of the game with his story line. I really shouldn’t like him so much.

th (10)The youngest of the brothers is Subaru which isn’t really brought up at all in the show. He’s just really a moody bad boy and his actions are erratic and he doesn’t tend to follow a pattern at all.

I am going to mention that this anime did start off as a game in Japan, where you choose which brother you want to end up with. I defiantly thing that it works better as a game, because it’s more interesting but the anime was ok.

I just can’t seriously suggest this anime. I think that if you’re looking for just a mind numbing entertaining thing you’re good, but as an actual anime I don’t think that I can really recommend it for anything beyond entertainment value.

They did come out with a season two, which I’m not sure if I’m planning on watching.

th (4)

Have you watched this anime or played the game? What did you think about it?

See you soon,

~Amanda Ann

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