Bullet Journal 101: Monthly Page Ideas

So one thing that I really do value in my bullet journal is my monthly spread. I don’t know why, but I’m ALWAYS going back to it and I’m constantly checking on it. At the moment I’m content with my personal spread, but I wanted to share with you guys some of what I’ve seen on the internet. If you want to hear more about my specific monthly pages let me know in the comments below, I’ll be happy to talk about it, but for now let’s talk about four monthly spread that are great places to start in your new bullet journal.

IMG_3261So this spread is pretty simple to set up, and is very easy to read and work with.

This spread is just a monthly overview with important dates/events at the bottom. You can use this if you really just want the basic information, but if you’re like me then there’s a little more to do and this spread won’t have everything that you need.

I honestly love how simple this spread is, and I really wish that I could have a spread like this because it’s so simple and easy to set up. If you wanted to decorate it with colors or stickers that would be really easy to do, but if you want to stick more to the bullet journal style that isn’t really necessary.

IMG_3264The next spread that I found was on Boho Berry’s page (check out her youtube channel here), and I think that it is really interesting. So this is a two page spread where you have four columns, and although you can change the labels to anything that you want I found them labeled as am, pm, all day, and notes. Personally I would change these to events, blog, books, and work because it applies more to my life and it would be more functional.

I could see so many people being able to use this spread, though, and I wish that I had more events/dates/appointments so that I could use a spread like this, but honestly I like staying home and getting to know people on the internet instead of in real life.

IMG_3265This layout is much more what I do, without the massive amounts of color coding. This one you sort of create just a normal calendar that you see. I make my boxes 6×6 and you just write down what’s going on that day in them. For me I only do the amount of boxes that the month has, but a lot of people just make the large square and go with that. This honestly is such a functional spread and if you’re new to bullet journaling this might be a good transition spread just to try to get used to making your own pages.

IMG_3270The last spread is one that I’m really really tempted to try one month because there is so much information in it. Once again this is a two page spread and the first page is just a very basic monthly calendar. If you’re artsy you can do so much with this page, but I can’t draw for anything so I didn’t. The second page is split into several different sections. I split mine up to events, goals, social media, and a to do list. I honestly love this page and I would love to use this spread, but I am just a little too attached to my current spread. You can split these up how ever you want and make more or less boxes or areas to write, but it’s basically just a place for organized notes.

So what’s your monthly spread like in your bullet journal? (If you send me a picture at patchworkoffical@gmail.com you might see your spread in another blog post.) There are so many ways to make a spread that I’m curious what others are doing. Have a topic you want me to talk about? Leave it in the comments below!

See you soon,

Amanda Ann

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