How My TBR Works

So recently I’ve been watching a lot of videos about how people organize and prioritize their TBR, so I wanted to share how mine works.

To start with when I buy a book it just gets thrown onto my TBR shelf, which has very little organization and it sort of a mess. I really need to come up with some sort of organization for this shelf, but that’s all of my shelves. (I really need to find an organization system, but that will probably happen when I move out.)

Each month I make a TBR in my Bullet Journal, and that’s when I look at my TBR shelf and just sort of decide what I want to read that month. So I’ll pick out the books that I want to read, based on what’s going on and what I know I will want to read, and add that to my Monthly TBR. Those books then get taken off the shelf and they’re placed somewhere around my house.

This pile honestly moves around the house. Sometimes it’s on the coffee table because I just took pictures of it, or it’s on my laundry basket, or it’s on my dresser among a lot of other paperwork that I constantly need to file away or deal with. This pile really is my goal that I want to read during the month, but if I don’t get it done I try my best not to beat myself up about it.

So what happens if I can’t finish a book on my TBR? Honestly, since it isn’t a constantly running TBR I just put it back on the shelf until I want to read it. I don’t want to force myself to read a book, and being able to take it month by month makes me still engaged and want to read.

So what else do I do with my TBR, because you know that there’s more to it than this.

If you don’t know I run an bookstagram called patchworkpaper, which goes along with this blog. Every month I take a few pictures of my TBR to post and I post individual pictures of each book so that I have pictures to post when I have a topic to talk about the book. These pictures get mixed in with my other book pictures so that I have a ton of content to post that I’m proud of and really love.

I also post videos for my TBR and wrap up each month on my youtube channel, where I talk about books I want to read and books I have read.

Sorry that this is kind of a short post, but I don’t have much to say it’s a pretty simple system.

What does your TBR system look like? How do you decide what to read?

See you soon,

~Amanda Ann

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