Wonder Woman: WarBringer

I’m going to be honest, I really pumped this book up in my mind but it was still really really good. So let’s talk about it!

I first heard about this book a few months ago and I’ve been interested in reading it, but I didn’t want to spend money on it. (What recent graduate with no job wants so spend money on anything?) I was really pleased to see it pop up on Overdrive and waited (not so) patiently to borrow it. Fast Forward to Christmas Morning where I happily found it under the tree and gave a delighted squeal. Then, about two weeks later, I got the e-mail saying that Wonder Woman: Warbringer was automatically borrowed and saved on my phone.

IMG_3742.JPGLet’s go back a few steps and talk about this book series. Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo is the first book in the DC Icons series. It was followed by Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu and Will Damron, which was a very recent release that my friend Laura has at her house and I am patiently waiting for. The series currently has 4 books at the moment (two released two to be released): Wonderwoman, Batman, Cat Woman, and Superman. The books are all focused on different parts of the heroes’ lives where they grow and begin to change into the heroes we know they are.

As someone who wants to get into comics I really wanted to start reading this series, and I was really excited for it. Overall I’m going to give Womder Woman four out of five stars. I loved the story, characters, and writing of the story but I didn’t quite like how it was executed because it was sort of predictable and I didn’t really like the ending.

IMG_3755.JPGIf you haven’t read it stop here. I’m defiantly going to say check this book out from your library (if you can the audio book is really good) and then decide for yourself if it’s worth the buy. I’m happy to have this book in my collection and I can’t wait to get the rest of them as they come out. I annotated this book and I plan on doing so with the others as I get my hands on them. I really did like this story, I really did, and I think that it’s interesting to see our favorite characters grow. From now on I can’t promise any spoilers, so if you haven’t read it I suggest coming back to this blog post later. If you’ve read it, come on and click the “read more” button.

IMG_3759.JPGI think that at this time in my life this was a very important book to for me to read. It was so encouraging to see that even Wonder Woman fell on hard times where she was just trying to figure it out and she didn’t always know what to do. It was reassuring to see that even those we love and look up to weren’t at the top of their game at some point. The idea of the perfect person not always being a perfect person was great for me right now because I’m not that perfect right now, but I’m working on it and that’s what Diana does in this story. She’s working on it and doing her best. I also like the idea of how Diana is working this entire book to break away from her family and make her own name for her self in this book too. It’s all of those things that make this book perfect for me right now, simply because I can relate to it.

Probably my favorite thing about this book was how realistic most people’s reactions to everything was. Both of the girls had more realistic reactions than any other character that I’ve ever read in YA fiction. After barely escaping death by drowning XXXX just sat and thought things out. She was thinking so logically it was so refreshing. She does everything she can to help make sense of everything until she can actually process everything that is going on. XXXX has a similar reaction after the shooting at the XXXX. She just sits and curls in on herself until XXX comes to check on her and make sure that she was alright.

IMG_3748I wonder if appreciating these things is a bad thing, because it can break suspension of disbelief, but I think I’ll just ignore it for now and let that still be normal.

I would really like to see a drawing of XXXX, the monster that attacks Diana and friends in Greece and kills them. It sounds like such an interesting creature that I would really like to see it and find out where some of the inspiration came from for that. I would really like to read more about where the inspiration and ideas came from for this book. Did AUTHOR look at the original comics? How much did she make up? Did some of it come from fans? I really want to find out and devour some of this information because that’s just sort of who I am.

The one big thing that bothers me in this book was when the goddesses saved Diana and friends. I personally really don’t think that they would do that or give her that challenge. It just doesn’t fit with the idea of the island and what made them make the island to begin with. I fell like it’s a little bit of a character change and I didn’t really like it. Even when I was reading that section… I had to stop and think about it because I just didn’t really understand it.


I did feel like the brother, XXXXX, was well written. I thought that his motives for everything were really well laid out but I wanted to know what happened to him. I also thought that the part of the Amazons feeling one another’s pain was really well done. There was enough space to sort of forget about the concept, but then it was so easily written into the fight scene at the end between Diana and XXXXX I actually felt my jaw drop while reading it. I honestly loved that scene, I really did. It wasn’t my favorite scene if I’m going to be honest.

img_3764.jpgMy favorite scene was at the beginning after Diana lost the race and was returning to the XXXX. She seemed so regal at that moment because she was able to simply make a comment and still be able to shut down the ones making fun of her. I really believe that more girls need to read this scene, because back in high school I felt like I was in a similar position. We’re all going to be made fun of at some point in our lives, we will be on the outside, and if you’re getting made fun of having someone reminding you to stand tall and that was all another person could do… it’s such a powerful messege and one that I love.

Sorry this was sort of thrown together, I’m still trying to figure out these book reviews.

What did you think about Wonder Woman: Warbringer by XXXX? Let me know down in the comments.

See you soon,

Amanda Ann

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