My Weekly Spreads

Over the last two months of working in my Bullet Journal I’ve used a few different spreads to plan out my days and weeks. I started using weekly spreads, then moved to full page daily spreads, and then settling down to what I’m at now, which is a two page daily spread. These spreads have been completely adjusted to the stage of my life right now and might not work for everyone, but I did want to share. My past spreads won’t be explained in this post, but those will be included in a future post so defiantly watch out for that.

So let’s talk for a minute about what I wanted this page to do. I wanted a place to track my mood (by the hour), a place to note what I’m doing at different points in the day, a to do list, a food log, a workout log, a place to write down a thankful though, my BUJO RPG, and a spot to take notes as needed throughout the day. The spread that I’ve been working through lately has taken a lot to come up with, but it was so worth it and I’m in love with it right now.

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