Avatar The Last Airbender Tag

So… I stumbled upon this tag while looking for some tags to do (I don’t think I do enough of them) and I found this one while looking over the blog Dreamland Book Blog and you can see her version of this post here.

So if you don’t know anything about Avatar The Last Airbender let me catch you up a little bit… well… let this video catch you up a little. The opening does a great job of giving you a great basic idea of the show.

And because I can here’s the opening for the second series in the Avatar universe, Avatar: The Legend of Korra!

Alright so let’s get on with the tag. My love of these shows pry shouldn’t take up much more of your time.


The Water Tribe 

Katara and Sokka: The Best Siblings 

For this one it took me a few minutes to really figure out who I wanted to pick, because every single book I could think of I really didn’t like the sibling relationships or they just didn’t have the relationship. I finally settled on Cinder and Peony from Cinder by Marissa Meyer because even though Cinder owes her nothing she always goes out of her way for Peony and even takes steps to be there when she was sick and passing. I think that they have my favorite sibling relationship honestly.

Yue: Favorite Star Crossed Lovers

As oddly as it is I really like Luka and Sorina in The Daughter of The Burning City by Amanda Foody. I know that it’s really bad because she created him, but they both kept each other in their best interests and simply seemed to truly love each other. I know that this one is pry not the best answer, but it’s honestly my favorite.

Blood Bending: A book with an unsettling/disturbing concept 

I’m really split about answering this one, but I’m going to be honest. Hands down this is Scythe by Neal Shusterman. Hands down. The Program was a great runner up, but Scythe wins. That’s honestly what draws me to the series and what has made me fall in love with it, so in this case I love it. I hate the idea of someone having a job of killing people for all eternity and the idea of people enjoying it, but that’s part of what I absolutely love about this series.


The Earth Kingdom

Toph: A Character Who’s Strength Surprised you 

I’m going to say Sloane and Quinlan from the Program Series by Suzanne Young. I love the two of them because simply to live in their worlds and do what they need to they need such amazing strength. Sloane has to watch person after person in her life be erased without any consent, and then she loses her own memories and she begins to fight back even while facing her depression and other mental illnesses. Quinlan has to be strong just to force herself to stand up for what she believes in regardless of the possible punishments that can include losing her memories. The two of them are some of the strongest characters I’ve ever read about, and I really like them.

The Tales of Ba Sing Se: The Best Collection of Short Stories

I really don’t read many short stories so I’m going to go with a story that I loved when I was little even though it’s kind of cheating. I love the large American Girl Doll books that contained all of the historical stories… mostly because that’s the only one I can think of.

Kioshi Worriers: The Best Worrier Character

For this one I’m going to go with Lada from And I Darken by Kiersten White. She is such a great worrier and constantly is challenging everything that has to do with her life and won’t let up about any of it. I love how rough she is and how she won’t stop until she gets what she wants. Even at the end of the first book she looks to her country and moves on simply to do what’s best for it, no matter what.


The Fire Nation 

Zuko: Best Redemption Story 

I don’t remember the name of this character, but I’m going to go with the Dad from The Remedy by Suzanne Young because at the end he does everything he can to make sure that his “daughter” is able to move forward with her life and be safe.

Iroh: The Wisest Character 

This one took me so long to decide on… and then I figured it out and I wanted to scream because I didn’t think about it before. Scythe Fryday! He’s such an amazing teacher in Scythe that I can’t help but love him. While I was reading the book I was highlighting so many of his lines and passages because he took into consideration so many things while teaching and carrying out his job… I can’t help but love him and he’s really the wisest character I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

Azula: The Best Downfall 

Second time I don’t remember the name of the Character, but the King from Burning Glass by Kathryn Purdie. His downfall was so sweet to read.


Air Nomads 

Appa: Your Favorite Fictional Animal 

This made me laugh because the day I’m writing this I started playing this character in a video game with my boyfriend for about a half hour. This would be Cebures the three headed dog form Greek Mythology because he’s puppy. He’s a very good puppy. At least in my mind.

Aang: The Purest Cinnamon Roll

Easily this is Iko from Cinder. Throughout the entire book she’s so innocent and so blindly kind and really makes Cinder think about what she’s doing in her life among all of the chaos and everything going on. She’s such a great relief and I can’t help but love her and deem her the purest cinnamon roll to ever come into existence.

The Avatar State: The Most Stubborn Character

I’m not sure anyone will really remember this character or know about her, but Rhine from The Chemical Garden series would have to be the most stubborn character that I can think of.





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November Wrap Up

I felt so good about this month, until I looked at it really and found that most everything was an audiobook that I got from the Library.

Thanks to my mom I found out that my local Library actually loans out audiobooks that you can download onto your phone and can listen to. Since discovering this I found that I don’t listen to the radio as much anymore, and my reading has been really good this month! I’m hoping that December is fewer audio books and luckily I’m no longer going to have NaNoWriMo to do so that’s helpful.

So what did I read this month?

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